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Kevco Design provides the premiere standard in toilet partition installation and repair in the San Jose and Bay Area.

Let our 33 years of experience work for you today. Whether you're are a small business owner or a project manager on a large jobsite, we've can help you make a lasting impression on your customers and clients. Invest in your property and save money by calling us today!

We can provide the exact dimensions necessary to get your job to code so it passes inspection.

Consider this fact: problem restrooms can have a lasting impact on perceptions of an establishment as a whole, according to a recent survey. More than three quarters of respondents said that broken or vandalized dispensers would negatively impact their overall opinion of the facility. An even greater number, 82 percent, said broken, damaged or vandalized dispensers would lead them to think the restroom was neglected by management, while more than half said these conditions would cause them to view the restroom as unsanitary.

Whether it's a brand new job, time for a restroom tune-up or a total redesign, we can help save you time and money.

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Copyright © 2005 kevcodesign - all rights reserved



Copyright © 2005 kevcodesign - all rights reserved